Putting Yourself Out There and Feeling Invisible?

I am in direct contact with entrepreneurs a lot. I am listening to you. I am hearing you. And I feel the Pain. I feel the pain of not having enough clients. I feel the pain of putting yourself out there and feeling invisible. I feel the pain of feeling like the only solution is to work harder, try more stuff, do more….

I’ve heard from many of you that you are really frustrated because so many of your prospects are saying no to working with you. You are telling me that you are feeling like all of your outreach efforts are wasted because they are not really resulting in what matters for your business: getting clients that are paying what you are really worth.

Some of you are procrastinating on getting out there because you are afraid of being rejected. You have told me that the very prospect of getting into a situation where you’ll be offering your services and you will possibly be rejected is just too much to bear. So you are sitting back. You are waiting for others to come to you.

You have asked me: “How do I overcome feeling like I’m bothering people? How do I overcome my fear of being rejected?”

The first question I want to ask you is: Do you know exactly what you are offering? I don’t just mean the service or product you are offering. I mean …

Do you know what you are offering your prospective clients at the CORE level? Do you know exactly why they need to hire you ?

If your answer is not clear to you, it is important for you to spend some time on this step. I see a lot of entrepreneurs chasing clients and offering their services but their offer is vague or simply cute and catchy but it’s missing it’s essence.

This leads me to introduce you to the concept of Transformation. (Some of you may have heard me speak about this before. That’s okay because it can take few times to consider it, to nail it. If you haven’t heard me click here to access my latest teleseminar) Understanding your Transformation is the key in your marketing that will allow you to attract your ideal client whether it is for a product or a service. Once you get this concept down, you will begin attracting more clients with ease.

So what is your Transformation?

Put yourself in your client’s head and heart for a moment:

• What will change for them as a result of working with you?
• What do current clients say about you?
• How do you enrich people’s lives?

Your Transformation is what you offer people at a CORE level. In short, it is the essence that you bring to people’s lives.

From now on I would like you to go out there and start talking about your Transformation. Craft your message so that you are truly speaking to your prospective client’s deepest needs. This one simple shift in marketing can make a HUGE difference and make people say: “Oh My God. I want that!”

You will no longer feel invisible!

Love & Respect,