What a great picture ! I would love to land on a star. It sounds much more exiting than staying on the ground in my ” I know every corner and details of my space”.

So many time we are stopped in our dreams. Either we stop ourselves with fear or low self-esteem ( I can’t do it, What I cam thinking about, I am not capable…) or we let others stopping us ( be realistic, life is difficult,you can’t have it all, life doesn’t work like that…)

The main reason that is stopping us is the fear of Failure. But what if we are able to reframe “Failure” ?

What is failure ? It is a RESULT and we can learn from it. A result is a proof that you took an action. Think about it if Edison had stopped because of failure we would still be in the dark !

Now if you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do ? Let’s dream, think big, really big !

If you don’t giggle at what your are dreaming for your life, it means that you don’t dream big enough ! dream and imagine until you smile and giggle ! Go to a playful place.

Think about it and do it without being afraid of the result. Enjoy the adventure of creating your Life !

Photograph by Laurent Laveder