Do you know what your clients want? I mean do you know what they really want?

I see too many entrepreneurs who are constantly reinventing their marketing messages, always trying to come up with a new cute and catchy title. They are spinning their wheels wondering why they aren’t attracting clients. With each new package they create with a “hook-y” title, they are getting more and more frustrated when it doesn’t sell. While I think cute and catchy titles can be fun and useful, I’m here to tell you that they won’t work unless you really know what your clients want.

Let me ask you: Have you listened to your ideal client’s pain? Have you listened to their language when they talk about it? Have you sat down and interviewed them about what they want and listened with your heart?

I’d like to introduce you to the concept of Transformation. It is the key in your marketing that will allow you to attract your ideal client whether it is for a product or a service. Once you get this concept down, you will begin attracting more clients with ease.

Let’s look at is this way: When you go to a travel agent wondering where to go for your next vacation, they are going to sell you the Destination. They are going to sell you Paris (the city, the great food, the fashion, the art…). The travel agent is not going to sell you the plane.

The plane of course is important: what time, what company, what airport, etc., but it matters ONLY after you are clear that you actually want to go to Paris for your next vacation.

Yet I see entrepreneurs describing the plane when they present what they are doing. For example, coaches are saying, “I will give you feedback and accountability.” Holistic doctors are saying, “I will clear your inside blocks and
use Eastern techniques (and they tend to go on and on about the specific technique they are using),” … This is the plane.

The destination is your Transformation. It is completely different from the service delivery you offer.

So what is your Transformation?

Put yourself in your client’s head and heart for a moment: What do they receive from working with you or buying your product? What will change for them? Where is the essence of the value?

Then ask yourself:

• What do clients say about me?
• How do I enrich people’s life?
• What is the outcome of working with me?

So you see you don’t just want to create a cute and catchy marketing message. You want to create a message that goes straight to the heart of your ideal client.

So from now on I invite you to go out there and start talking about your Transformation instead of your service delivery. With this simple shift in your marketing you can have people say: “ I want that!”

Love & Respect,

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