Our society has taught us the importance of being realistic in our lives! This principle of reality has a tendency to limit us, our dreams and projects. How can we look at the BIG picture when reality seems so restrictive especially when we hear doom and gloom around us about the world we live in?

And after all, what is reality? Who decides what is real and what is not? Is my reality the same as everyone else? Do we all share the same reality?

Take two people living in the same building, working in the same office with the exact same job, will they both live in the same reality?

I wondered about this so I asked myself: on what basis can I know what is real and what is not? What will allow me to determine what I consider as real? I will have to gather information to judge what is real and what is not real. This will come from the books I read, the programs I watch, the pictures I see, and what I hear from my surroundings.

As much as I want to keep my critical mind alive, I have to admit that often times I end up believing that what is true is what everyone else seems to believe is real.

In the book Wake-Up!, I wrote:  “When we get up in the morning with an alarm and a radio that informs us of the latest fiscal fraud, or wake- up to the  terrible news of bombing on the other side of the globe and that later in our car we hear  about the economic crisis or children being kidnapped,  and then later at night just before dinner the TV informs us that our plates are full of poison, and that a madman had a shooting at a neighborhood school, how can we still keep on believing in humanity?”

We all know that this negativity does not represent life in its whole. We cannot allow others to lead us into doubting human nature, the potential of life  or the goodness in our own life.

More and more, I become aware that it is vital that I protect my field of consciousness and that is is crucial that I become very vigilant and discerning with what enters my mind. I measure the importance of developing mental discipline which will allow to fill my life with what I really want. It is my responsibility not to let myself force-fed by  information which pollute the perception of my life. It is vital that I stay hopeful about human nature and about my own life.

I also realized  that  sometimes, for the same reasons, I need to take some distance from people that discourage my efforts and surround myself with people who support me and give me wings.

I know now that I must protect my field of consciousness as if it was my most precious treasure. If I nourish it with proof that people are good , that life is beautiful and that human beings are capable of achieving  big and noble things then it will completely alter MY REALITY. In this reality, I will not be depressed. In this reality, I will not want to complain and accuse others. In this reality, I will want to take action, I will feel like sharing my talents and I will want to grow and shine.

In the book Wake-Up!,  I suggest the challenge “21 days without media” to cut the flow of information and start by reconnecting with our inner source.

What are you willing to do to nourish a reality that is at the level of the ambition you have for  your life, what do you want to create for yourself?

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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