I am Relaunching My Ocoaching Blog!

It’s been a few months … a few months spent developing my business and contributing to my French Blog “J’arrête de râler “(I Stop Complaining) which completely took off beyond my expectations ( there is a French book based on the blog that will be published in the spring)

Today as we embark on a new year filled with promise and greatness, I now wish to relaunch my Ocoaching Blog as a vehicle to share with you my tips and ressources which will help you to feel like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Dirt Road.

As an added bonus this Ocoaching Blog will be like me : bilingual in English and French !

My vision is to use this Blog as a vehicle to share with you the key elements which allowed me to grow my business so you can do the same.

In the last 2 years I’ve spent hours and hours and invested thousands of dollars to learn the business game and I deeply feel that I’ve nailed it!

I have been able to really get to the CORE of what makes sense, what works, and what feels right when it come to enrolling clients and sharing your expertise.

My mission is to help you Claim your Entrepreneurial Genius. To help you feel deep in your bones the value of what you have to provide to your clients and allow you to set up strategies to clearly convey that expertise , what makes you unique so as to enroll new clients.

Recently following the Paris conference , a client shared with me that what she learned from me allowed her to build a ” Clean Business”, a business that feels right to grow and monetize which allows her to serve and contribute the way she’s always dreamed of.

I am hoping that through this Blog I will be able to do the same for you.

Love and Respect,