Today I wanted to share with you a big internal shift that had to take place in my life and in my business to create the success that I now have.

At O Coaching Inc, entrepreneurs are coming to me and they are begging me for tips and insights. Their BIG question is:

– What should I DO to have more clients ?

I actually already wrote an article about this situation here

I see people who are in such a need of getting clients that they either spend many late weeknights attending networking events and hunting people, or they spend countless hours ( and dollars) working on marketing programs or tying out the latest online techniques.
Some of them are almost quitting and they will spend their day procrastinating or doing lots and lots of little attempts to connect and create some kind of buzz on social media.

All of them are exhausted and drained and many are getting to the point of thinking ” Why bother ?”.

What I want to share with you today is the idea that before you look at what to DO to get clients, you instead ask yourself:

“Who do I need to BE to attract clients”?

What I realized is that the people around me who are the most successful are people who are enrolling from the heart and not selling. They are people who are out there talking and meeting their ideal clients and really caring about them. They are authentic, generous and warm and when you talk with them you can tell they are connecting with you from the heart (not the wallet). They have a strong sense of why they are doing the work that they do and they have no intention to quit. They are here to contribute, make a difference with their business and willing to do the work to create success for their clients and for themselves. They vibrate a certain credibility and they allow their unique style to shine.

So today I would like to ask you:
– What qualities do you want to bring to your business relationships ?

Read the description above again and ask yourself:
– How would that look like for me ? is there a specific action that I can take today that would reflect that way of BEING ?

BEING the type of person that attract clients is first. Doing is also important but it comes next.

Love and Respect,