There’s an interesting trend of more and more moms
starting their own businesses while still continuing
to take on most of the household duties. This breed of
powerful women are known as Mompreneurs. And they,
like you, are leading the pack in business and
purchasing power.

But with that new role comes a lot of issues regular
entrepreneurs DON’T have.

My friend MaryPat Kavanagh (the Queen of Connections)
has made a name for herself as one of the top
Mompreneurs out there helping other Mompreneurs with
the balance of their businesses and families.

Now she has pulled together 22 of her Mompreneur
colleagues to share their expertise as well in the
*Savvy Mompreneur Telesummit* series. It begins
February 16 through February 26

=> Mompreneurs really CAN have it all…a thriving
business, a happy family, and personal time when they
learn how to put systems into place BEFORE overwhelm

=> How to let go of the Super Woman Myth with real
world strategies other Mompreneurs use everyday;

=> Secrets to leveraging the power of the Internet so
you have maximum flexibility to stay connected and
keep your business humming along;

=> Strategies from other Mompreneurs who have been
where you’re going and willingly share their roadmaps;

=> The ease of partnering with other Mompreneurs and
like-minded women so you never feel isolated and alone;

=> How to stay true to your passion and authentic
self, even on the days where everything seems to go

=> Proven tactics for doing the Mompreneur balancing
act of private and public time;

And so much more!

All you need is a phone and an Internet connection.


I wouldn’t recommend this training unless I knew how
much it could help you and your clients.

I’ll listen for you on the call!


Christine Lewicki
Certified Business Coach and Mother of 3 girls age 8, 6 and 2.
Savy Mompreneur Telessummit Guest on Feb 24th at 10 am Pacific Time.