What is truth ? Does Truth really exist. Who gets to decide ?

So often I find myself in a situation where I believe I know the truth, but do I ? I think that what i see is the reality and that everyone can see the same.

For a long time people thought the world was flat. What happened ? they got a new info and what they thought was true became invalid.

What if everything we believe is true, could one day turn to be not true anymore ?

Do you think Truth exist.

I believe that there is not truth and that everything depend on our perspective.

I am wearing a ring with 3 big white sparkling stone. They shine through the light and make an amazing impression around me. People see diamonds but are they ? Even when what we see is very persuasive we have not idea of the reality don’t we ?

So I want to suggest to everyone to be more aware that what you believe is true is only your prospective on life. You can choose to change your prospective and see the situation under another angle that may serve you better.

This opens up to tons of possibilities in your life so ENJOY !