Listen to this 2.52 mn Ted Talk about Dame Gillian Lynne and how one day a doctor acknowledge that she was a born dancer.

My favorite piece is when she shared that she had to move to think !  How often do we believe that we have to sit still to activate our intelligence ? how many hours a day are we ( and our children)  expected to stay still at a desk and/or behind a computer to  do our work. What if our intelligence could be activated through movement ? what if all this “sitting on a chair” insanity was sabotaging our true brilliance ? How much of our genius are we not accessing ?

This is why in my latest book Wake-Up: 4 fundamentals principals to stop living your life half asleep I share the impact that dance and movement is having in my life. The dance floor is where I accessed ( and I still do)  my most awesome ideas.

How about you ? when was the last time you danced ? do you feel that you are accessing of all your brilliance ? Do you relate with the idea that sometimes you have to dance to think ?

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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