I act at the level of my ambition

In  my book and seminar Wake-Up!   I share with you 4 fundamental principles to stop living your life half asleep. The 2nd of the 4 principles is:

“I take action at the level of my ambition.”

One thing I am convinced about is that knowing how you ‘d like your life to be is all very nice, but ultimately your actions  will allow you to create the life you dream of and to become the person you really want to be.

I also know  by experinece that our greatest obstacles when it comes to taking action are “our doubts”. What steps should I  take?  Am I going  in the right direction? Secretly, let’s admit it, we would love to have a magic potion or a detailed foolproof  plan for success to avoid the traps and stumbling blocks.

The truth is we cannot anticipate  what will lead to success. Our success largely  depends on our capacity to lay the foundation of our project, to make the blurry and confusing less blurry and confusing and to have the discipline to act with  confidence.

Unfortunately I see too many people unable to overcome the confusion stage and end up doing nothing but procrastinate. It’s easier to keep busy doing what we know how to do and  master   (our TO DO list, our emergencies, our housework for example)  rather that tackle that project that matters to us but has no guarantee of success.  Often, when we talk about our project to our friends ( we can talk till we’re blue in the face…)  they will support us with  tons of  good intentioned advice: ” You should do this, you should do that….”  Our doubts then start to  amplify  and we get stuck not knowing what to start with.

If you recognize yourself in this scenario… “STOP! Don’t panic!… don’t worry.” To find out how to get the ball rolling and start, I invite you to ask  yourself the question: ” What wants to emerge ? What seeks to reveal itself through me? “

Put a halt to procrastination  and confusion.  Stop yourself and listen to what is within, listen to what feels right at the moment and take that first step  to nourish what is seeking to emerge.  Forget your obligations  for a moment and what others expect of you and  then ask yourself: ” What do I feel like doing now? What is the thread I feel like pulling and threading to bring my project to life?”

STOP!  Don’t try to plan it all ahead of time!  Make  your declaration and remain engaged and curious. Put in action everything you can to make it happen. It helps to do something new every day towards your project. Keep your mind and heart open to get out of the routine and get inspired!

These are the principles I used in my own life which are explained in details in my book WAKE UP!  and  put in action in my 3 day seminar Wake Up  to create the life I wanted to create. You can start creating your {extra}ordinary life now!


Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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