I see a lot of entrepreneurs starting their business with what they CAN, COULD or SHOULD do! The inner dialogue goes somethimg like this: “I have a background in this so this is what I am going to offer…. People would pay me for this…. There is a demand for that, therefore I am going to do it.”

This way of thinking is almost always made out of fear. Fear of not having clients, fear of not having money, fear of not being good enough. It leads to a lot of spinning and lack of good business results.

After getting clear on your Mission (your higher purpose for running your business), nailing down your Niche is the number one thing that is going to allow you to stay empowered, motivated, and focused as you run your business. Once you have your Niche figured out, the worries are gone. You don’t need to chase everybody to hire you. You’ll start to talk to the right people, increase your enrollment rate, and have more money flowing in.

Your Mission and your Niche are very linked. Your Mission is your higher purpose for running your business, and your Niche is who you help and how. You can read more about it in a previous post here.

Your niche is:

• The people you serve
• The important problem you help them solve
• Your signature system

When I first started my coaching practice I was offering job interview coaching. Since I had a background in Human Resources, I thought that this was something people would be willing to pay me for. It made complete sense to me.
Yet when I was working with my clients, I was feeling stuck. The clients hired me and paid me big bucks to get the job they wanted, but I could see that there was a much more fulfilling path for them. What was happening in the coaching was that I was naturally awakening their professional brilliance, but most of the time that brilliance did not fit in the corporate box anymore.

I had to hold back and continue to do the work they paid me for: coach them to walk into the interview room feeling confident and ready. I was very happy to help them and most importantly, I was providing tangible results. I was really good at what I was doing, but I was not fulfilled and happy. I was feeling disconnected from it. I had a Niche but it was not my Mission, my Purpose.

Then I decided to get closer to my purpose and work only with Entrepreneurs. This was the beginning of a long dreadful journey of chasing people. At every networking event everyone could become my client and I was starving for them to hire me. Yet all I was getting was a glazed look on people’s face when I was telling them that I was a Business Coach. They liked it, but they were not “getting it.” They could not see how I could solve their problems and they felt they could not invest in coaching anyway. My business was very slow.

I am able to talk about this today openly because I have been there. I have made the mistakes. I have spun my wheels. I have worked and worked without getting the results I wanted.

As entrepreneurs, we all want to sign more people up for our services, fill our programs, and sell more of our products, while doing LESS. This is possible, BUT ONLY if we stop marketing to anybody ! We need to get clear on our Niche.

To Get Clear on Your Niche:

• Think about one client that you’ve helped and really feel that {you’ve made a difference} in their lives. (If you are just starting think about one friend that you’ve helped whether he paid you or not)

• Ask yourself: What are the EXACT results that my client received from me (lost 20 pounds, got a new job, bought a new home,…)?

• Then ask yourself: What transformation did the result create in his or her life?

For example, my exact result with one of my clients was that she tripled her clientele in just a few months of working with me.

When she hired me she was feeling stranded and clueless about business. She was a true expert in her field but she was not feeling like she was a good businessperson. She was spinning her wheels trying to make it work and she was sick and tired of not being able to help with the family bills.

The transformation I created in my client’s life was awakening her Entrepreneurial brilliance. I did it by using my CLARITY signature system and crafting a STRATEGY with her. The strategy allowed her to have the FREEDOM to know what to do, to save her energy, and to follow the plan without worrying. She felt confident.

If you are not clear about the problems you are helping people solve with your business, I suggest you interview some potential clients and find out:

• How they feel
• What they really need
• What are the problems that you can solve for them

Once you have these questions answered, you can start to develop your Signature System which I will write about in a future article!

Love & Respect,

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