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STOP! Ne faites-rien!

Savez-vous pourquoi vous dirigez votre entreprise? Bien entendu, faire de l'argent et jouir de certaines libertés sont les avantages que vous apportent l'entreprenariat mais, savez-vous vraiment pourquoi vous êtes entrepreneur? Bien souvent, les entrepreneurs avec qui je travaille me posent la question suivante d'un ton un peu confus: "Que dois-je faire maintenant?" "On m'a dit [...]

STOP! Don't do anything!

Creating a Business with a Higher Purpose Do you know why you are running your business? Aside from making money and having certain freedoms that come with being an entrepreneur, why are you really running your business? When I work with entrepreneurs, many times they come to me and ask me what they should do. [...]

Vous avez raté ma derniere téléconférence " Réveillez l'entrepreneur qui est vous"?

Durant cet appel j'ai parlé des plus grosses difficultés que rencontrent les entrepreneurs et comment les dépasser. J'ai pris le temps de présenter les 5 axes sur lesquels vous concentrer en 2011 pour vous sentir comme une Ferrari sur la route de l'entrepreneuriat ( ce sont les 5 axes que j'ai travaillé dans mon propre [...]

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The power of Validation !

This is a big part of my upcoming book. Celebrating others, Celebrating the self. I have noticed that the more precise you are in your acknowledgment, the most powerful it is. Since I moved to the US in 2000 and became a mom I have been really impressed by the amount of " Good Job" [...]

Women Owning the Workplace: tips to Guide Female Entrepreneurs

Women Owning the Workplace: Tips to Guide Female Entrepreneurs Women Owning the Workplace: Tips to Guide Female Entrepreneurs Author: Melissa Mashtonio Women are taking the business world by storm, and it doesn't look like they're backing down. According the, women-owned firms are the fastest growing in the country. Women are looking beyond the traditional [...]

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Savy Mompreneurs Telesummit

There’s an interesting trend of more and more moms starting their own businesses while still continuing to take on most of the household duties. This breed of powerful women are known as Mompreneurs. And they, like you, are leading the pack in business and purchasing power. But with that new role comes a lot of [...]

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When Less is More: An Essential Social Marketing Lesson

Another great article that I want to share with you… Like me, you’ve probably heard too much advice urging you to ”Build your mailing list!”, often by packing it with as many people as possible. One such approach is to get 10 new e-mail addresses a day and simply add them to your own mailing [...]

“Mompreneurs” Giving the “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval to new businesses.

“Mompreneurs” Giving the “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval to new businesses. I want to share with you this article that I found on the MSNBC Website. The author Eve Tahmincioglu brings up some interesting questions for us to ask ourselves: What does the term Mompreneur mean to you? Are Mompreneurs more valid than the other [...]

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