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Top 5 Articles For a Brilliant Back to Business!

What reality to you want to create for yourself before the end of the year?  This is a wonderful idea to keep in mind during your time off this summer.  What if  you dared think of yourself  first for a change ? Summer is the perfect time to consolidate things. Remember that in life everything [...]

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The Key to Combine Power and Serenity in Your Life

The Key to Combine Power and Serenity in Your Life Have you ever noticed how when we desire to create change or give birth to a new reality in our life, we have a tendency to wait until everything is perfect ? Whether it be starting the challenge I Quit Complaining and Bitching, writing a [...]

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Somebody else might’ve put her on medication and told her to calm down.

Listen to this 2.52 mn Ted Talk about Dame Gillian Lynne and how one day a doctor acknowledge that she was a born dancer. My favorite piece is when she shared that she had to move to think !  How often do we believe that we have to sit still to activate our intelligence ? [...]

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