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Key Word in 2015: IMPACT

For a while now, I started a new tradition of defining a key word at the start of each new year. There was the EPIC year, then the DANCING year and in 2015 I’d like to invite you to share with me the word IMPACT! and along with this word, the great fundamental question: What impact do you want to create [...]

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Let’s Quit Complaining and Become Entrepreneurs of Our Lives!

Meet & Greet with Christine Lewicki  Hosted by Ecole ClaireFontaine  Tuesday January 13, 2015-   9:30 - 11 :00 AM  at Primitivo Restaurant  1025 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Christine Lewicki, author of the French  bestseller: “: J’arrête de râler! aka “I Quit Complaining and {bitching}” (+ 150 000 copies sold), “I Quit Complaining [...]

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The WAKE UP Effect from a Participant’s Perspective

WAKE UP!, Brilliant Effect Guaranteed This article courtesy of  Emmanuelle, one of the participants of the November 2014 Wake up session at Blanville in Chartres  * * * No, Wake up!  is not the name for another revolutionary product commercial but  rather a seminar dedicated to the Inner Self.  I tested and tasted it like [...]

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“Let’s Stop Complaining and Become Entrepreneurs of our Lives!” US Conference

Join me  for a FREE Conference in English   "Let's Stop Complaining and Become Entrepreneurs of our Lives!"  Friday December 5th, 2014  8.30 to 11.00 A.M  at the Lycée Français of Los Angeles 10309 W. National Blvd West LA, CA 90034 RSVP: contact@christinelewicki.com OPEN TO THE PUBLIC   ● Do you feel deep down in [...]

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Give Yourself Permission to recharge and take a getaway every 90 Days!

In his book  “The Charge” * Brendon Burchard  talks about, among other things, of the importance of  seeking challenges to live life more fully at its full potential. It's not surprising then, that I am an advocate of many topics he writes about in his book . Following my I Quit Complaining Challenge ( in French j'arrête de [...]

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WAKE UP! How to Live Your Brilliance

What joy to share my message with Lilou Mace  in Paris and  now with YOU  my readers, in English ! In this interview, I share the 4 fundamental principles which have allowed me to create an {extra}ordinary life while being an ordinary person like all of us ! WAKE-UP!  it's my new book to READ! but it's [...]

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Dare to be yourself … to finally dare be brilliant!

A few days ago, I was talking to one of my clients that I coached for about 12 months. She was talking about the progress she had made since the beginning of our work together following  the first Wake -Up seminar and the feeling of freedom and harmony that she could finally experience these last [...]

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