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Entre notre ego et notre peur

Lors de mon tout récent challenge de 21 jours de méditation, j’ai pu observer mon ego et les conversations qu’il m’amenait à avoir avec la vie. J’ai pu prendre conscience que cette conversation ne m’intéressait pas car elle était trop remplie de jugements et de l'impression que je devais toujours "prouver des choses", à moi-même, [...]

Aimez votre entreprise ! Aimez votre vie ! (1ère partie)

Comment combler le “GAP” avec vos clients : Qu'est-ce-que le "GAP" ?  La fête de la St. Valentin est synonyme d’amour et d’attention pour les personnes qui comptent dans notre vie. Cette fête n’est pas seulement réservée à nos proches ! Aujourd’hui, j’ai envie de vous montrer comment nous, dirigeants d’entreprise, pouvons nous aussi agir [...]

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Savy Mompreneurs Telesummit

There’s an interesting trend of more and more moms starting their own businesses while still continuing to take on most of the household duties. This breed of powerful women are known as Mompreneurs. And they, like you, are leading the pack in business and purchasing power. But with that new role comes a lot of [...]

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How to create multiple stream of income

Here is an article from my friend Cyndi  Schulson. She is doing her coaching training at International Coach Academy which is the school that I went to and highly recommend for anyone who want to become a Coach. Mothers Entrepreneurs really want to build their business but they also need to have time to be [...]

A month in Playdates land.

A month in Playdates land, If you are a mother and an Entrepreneur, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I mention "Playdate Land."  Working in the middle of August with my three kids home every day was not a piece of cake! For our family this summer, camp was not really an option.  First of [...]

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I have created especially for Mothers Entrepreneurs a FREE audio program: The power of Celebration : 7 life changing secrets for Mothers Entrepreneurs to create Fulfillment, Better Results an more Wealth in all areas of life At the end of the Audio you'll have access to a FREE coaching gift. Check it out NOW !

MasterMind Group for Mothers Entrepreneurs

A quick message to inform you that after many requests I am starting a new MasterMind group for Mothers Entrepreneurs starting on April 22nd. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR FRIENDS Here are the details: The group will meet ON THE PHONE, every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month from 12.15 pm to 1.45pm. [...]

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