I love to talk, I love to chat, I love to share. I love to listen, help, exchange ideas… But in the middle of all the “Blabla” I sometimes get lost and end-up listening to myself or to my own thoughts.

I want to share with you today an amazing tool that I got from my Coach/ Mentor. In the middle of all the words and conversations there is a way to tap into someone’s aliveness. To do so you want to connect deeply and listen to the whole person. Her voice, her vocabulary, her eyes, her body language.. By doing so you can catch THE moment, THE instant when she is truly connected to her essential self. The moment when the speech of the social self is in alignment with the essential self.

Let me share with you an example.

Yesterday I met with a woman and I asked her about her work. She is running a program in schools about building characters. I asked her if she likes what she is doing and she tells me that she does. At first she tells me that she loves working with kids and that the program is meaningful. But I was not fully convinced until she said very quickly:” and I can get silly”. At this instant she switched from being socially excited to deeply excited., she was looking me straight in the eyes and I could feel a great vibration coming out of her. I had no idea about her background, but I gave her feedback and I said that she looked very alive when she talked about being silly.

Guess what ? it turned out that she was previously a clown !!! Being silly IS what she loves.