Many of us have been raised with the limiting belief of having to make reasonable choices. It starts at the age of seven, this big milestone in our development that represents the “age of reason“. As soon as we celebrate our seventh birthday, grown-ups warn us (and don’t miss a beat to keep reminding us…)  that as of now , we have entered the age of reason which means we can no longer act like cry babies,  push the limits, nor insist to obtain everything we want because we are big now!

We must be reasonable, control our impulses, and understand that we cannot have all the things we desire because it just  is not reasonable! I am a mother of three children and I know that this age of reason milestone in their development  is important because it is the time our children begin to mature and grow in understanding. At this age, they cannot do and have absolutely everything they want  seeking instant gratification and their desires cannot take up ALL the room and monopolize  their surroundings ( family, friends or classmates).

When I was a child, my mother would tell me in French: “Tuck away your desires in your pocket and cover them with your handkerchief!” She had inherited this “saying” from her own childhood and just recently realized the impact of such statement on someone’s  life.  The problem is that at 40 years old we are still reacting like a child. We allow reason to weigh our lives down. We tuck away our desires in our pockets and we feel so guilty ( and wrong) when we try to take them out. We live our whole life believing that we must control ourselves at all cost (so as to not bother anyone) and limit our own desires and risks taking so as to not make any waves and to not  disrupt others. We are really living according to others and ignore our own neeeds.

From choosing our field of study and the security of a job to seeking mastery in our professional life (our résumé cannot allow the least incoherence) We try hard to be “reasonable” and to make “the right choices” and little by little we end up in a mold to conform to what society expects of us: have a steady job and earn a stable income.

Our biggest quest is to remain within the scope of things and then one day we wake-up to realize that we have confined  ourselves in a tiny box and we are seriously starting to suffocate.


One day, we realize that we have become grown-ups and that we have lost all our connection to inspiration and to our deepest desires. I am not referring here about our desire to get away on vacation to escape our reality, or by our obsession to get our hands on the latest new things to fill our inner void, I am talking about our deep desires to experience self-expression and deep fulfillment to fill our inner void, I am talking about our deep desires which seek to reveal the dormant wealth inside us.

Our life becomes filled with everything reasonable (including doubts) and not enough “resonance” ( and trust in our inner treasures). It’s time for us to stop living our lives half asleep, to stop filling our lives with everything reasonable and to dare to bring more “resonance” to our daily actions.

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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