Usually in this blog I share with you my insights around business and my experience as a MasterMind group facilitator.

Well, today I want to share with you what just happened yesterday morning as I was hosting my very own MasterMind group meeting as a participant.
I am literally blown away with what just happened = pure truth, pure authenticity, pure growth, pure wisdom around my kitchen table.

6 of us are committed to meet once a month face to face around my kitchen table for the next 4 months. We will also have triad calls once or twice a month and an online forum to support each other everyday.

We started our first meeting by introducing each other and sharing where we are in our life and business and what we are hoping to receive from our participation in this group.

Many of us shared how we had a 100 reasons NOT to be here ( we are so busy and overwhelmed with our lives that none of us really wanted to add another commitment) and yet we all felt a BIG YES when we heard about the possibility of this group forming.

We all agreed that we wanted to grow a business that fit our lifestyle and the we refuse to become victim of our business.
We all know that we are “up to something big” (title of the soon to be released book of one of the participant) and we are joining the group to gain clarity on our vision, to identify some goals, to grow a team ( because we know we need others to have a true impact) and to make big decisions.

Some of us in this group (including me) already have a successful business and some of us are barely making enough money to pay our bills. But we are all making progress and convinced that having the support of the group will help clarify what is next for us !

We are joining the group to receive coaching, feedback, accountability, tough love and unconditional support.

After the introductions (it took about about an hour) we looked at our commitment to each others and made sure that everyone was ok with the guidelines that we had set up.

And then came the JUICY part ! the HOT SEAT.
2 out of the 6 participants wanted to be on the HOT SEAT and receive laser targeted help from the group. They had a specific request and they wanted our help to move forward.

When we went around the table and asked for volunteers I realized that we were not going to have time for me to have a turn too. For a minute I started to be afraid and concerned that I would not receive the help that I wanted to receive… and then one of participants shared how many time we learn and we grow even more when we help others than when we are being helped.

.. and she was right. I received so much by helping others. Did you already have this experience in the past when you find yourself learning the most by teaching and/or helping others ?

One of the big topic was about how much energy we spend ” getting ready” for business but we actually have a lot of resistance in actually ” playing” business. We put so much attention in preparing, making sure everything is perfect, thinking about every details…. and then we miss our chance to play, to try out, to experience and we tend to forget that the real growth is on the business playground. Many of us are just too terrified to be seen, to play big, to take the risk of being out there as imperfect as we are.
We talked about how getting ready could be perfect and how Imperfect actions could also be the fuel to our growth.

We also had a quite powerful MasterMindind experience around the challenge that many of us face when we want to combines many of our passions and skills into one offering. We feel as if our skills are disconnected. They are related to different business and could not be combined. We would have to give up one passion to have enough time and energy to offer the other one. At the end of our MAsterMinding process our hot seat participant was at peace. She had found the missing link and was now able to be confident in her offering and thrilled to know that she could live her two passion and use all of her talents in the same business.

We concluded our 3 hours meeting with so much gratitude for what just happened. We were all blown away by the power of having 6 smart brains around the same table helping each others.
You can be assured that we are committed to continue !

Stay tuned !

Love and Respect,