Principle #6 :words

This article is inspired by the 6th principle of 12 Affirmations for Ordinary people  to create an {extra}ordinary life.

” My words create my reality. By changing my message I can transform my life.”

I remember during one of my very first meeting with my publisher Eyrolles declaring aloud in the office:” J’arrête de râler!” will sell 80, 000 copies!” under the astonished and doubting looks of the people in the room. (they had never sold such an amount). Today, only 3 short years after the book is a bestseller with over 100,000 copies sold!

Watch Out What You Wish For!  is one of the first article which talks about the start of my journey a few years ago when I declared and toasted at New Year’s Eve with a glass a champagne in hand ” “This year I am writing a book!”

To declare is the act of saying aloud what we want in our life in front of one or several people who can witness our words. Declaration is the art not to keep for ourselves what we see possible in our lives. It is the creative act of starting to make it possible and REAL by giving it a real place in our conversations.

I have witnessed it in my life and in the lives of my seminar participants. As soon as an individual declares that something is taking place in their life there is a shift and his or her reality starts to change and aligns with the declaration.  The individual  who made the declaration doesn’t see himself in the same way and the people who have witnessed the declaration start to change their views on the person to support her project.

Obviously one doesn’t always automatically obtain what we declare but the act of starting to declare is catapulting the odd of having it one day.

The truth is that we are already continuously declaring all day long in our exchanges with others with our words. We say: ” It’s not possible”, “It’s not reasonable” . “It’s killing me”, “This is bad” . We have no trouble making negative affirmations so why are we uncomfortable making positive affirmations?

With this article  I hope to let you become more aware that our words can give a direction to our life. .

In the Bible we read that faith comes from what we hear  (Romans 10:17).  Whether we are believers, Catholics or other I believe that there’s a lot of truth in these writings. What we hear has an enormous impact in our beliefs and when we hear a string of complaints, fears, doubts we start to believe that the world is a dangerous place, that others are not good and that nothing is possible. We end up doubting human nature and ourselves.

To have faith in ourselves and to have faith in others and faith in life we must change our conversations because whatever we say and hear we end up believing it .

Declaration allows us to stop living life on auto pilot letting things happen to us and then managing them and pestering and complaining! Declaration is a powerful tool which allows us to go from AUTOMATIC PILOT to INTENTIONAL MODE  declaration allows us to turn on the radar of what we want ( instead of complaining about what we don’t want) .

When we make a declaration we start to believe what we have declared and we start to notice the resources available to us in our environment that we were not able to see before because our attention was focused on the suffering of the past, our limits and lacks.

When we really want something , declaration invites us to create our future in the present moment.

 The power of declaration is without limits and I encourage you to really (really) use it in your life in 2014.

Does this speak to you? What do you want to create and declare this new year? Let your heart speak and give yourself the means to create the space to create and transform your life through the power of your words!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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