I love Facebook !
It is so fun, every night before going to sleep, to log into my page and see what my friends, siblings, cousins ( many of them in France 10 000 miles away from me) are up to. Some people I know very well, some I just recently met, some I have worked with, some with I would like to work…

In one page I get so many snap shot of their lives and I also get to watch some cool videos, join some powerful groups and learn what’s going on in this wonderful world.

Everyday I get new friends joining the fun and asking me to become their : “Friends”.
I see their relationship status going from single, to in a relationship and married or the tricky ” it’s complicated”.
I see my teenage cousins, living their teenage lives with the new technologies and posting some some pics or comments that I am not sure I am supposed to see 🙂

Facebook is also a place to tell my network what I am up too. Share my journey as a Coach and a Writer.
Ask their feedback, find resources, Celebrate my successes.

Facebook is becoming part of my everyday life to a degree that is sometime quite surprising.

Yesterday night my 2 years old daughter was having a bad night and was coughing a lot. As every mom I was sleeping while also being pretty aware of her next to me.
You know how sometimes you are conscious of your dreams. Well that time in my dream I said : ” Christine is wondering if she should bring the air humidifier in her daughter’s room”. I woke up in shock and thought to myself : ” this is a Facebook overdose” !!!