Two weeks ago, I had the immense joy to attend the International Coaching Federation Convention in Long Beach California.

Out of the many seminars I attended, one really struck me. It was called ” Seven Sacred Words to Revolutionize your Coaching” by Melanie Dew-Berry Jones.

You can learn more about her by visiting her website:

Using some highly powerful words we can transform ourselves and others and help us become wiser and more innovative persons. YES WORDS CAN DO THAT !!!!

By using sacred words you may access your deep wisdom. WHAT YOU SAY CREATES WHAT YOU THINK AND THUS WAS YOU WILL DO.

We had the chance to experiment with her the power to use sacred words like:





I know they sounds so ” religious” at first, but when you can figure out how to use them in a conversation you’ll be amazed by their power. They allow the connection do deepen so much. They have a power to release and inspire …