If you’ve been reading me for a while  you know that my passion is to help ordinary people ( like me, like all of us ) create {extra}ordinary lives and I always like to add … one {im}perfect action at a time.

People that come to my  seminars  are in general people who are starting to feel that they are side-stepping a part of their  lives.  They have spent several years trying to be conform to what they think others expect them to be  ( their parents, teachers, boss, spouse, society…) and today realize that it is urgent that they learn to dare be themselves in their power and {im} perfect brilliance!

I believe  that at certain moments of our lives we realize that our comfort zone is in fact our mediocrity zone! We feel the drive of life inside us and we want to honor it.  At the same time we are afraid and we don’t know where to start… so often we fall back in the comfort of our daily life, we “keep busy” to manage the priorities that come to us and little by little we forget about our inner longing for more.

our confort zone is mediocrity

By staying stuck in what is familiar, by getting lost in all our “urgent” matters ( which are not really urgent), by continuing to do what we know how to do  ( even if we do it well) , by persisting to stay on the rails of the already traced line of our life ( or our resume), we can one day wake up and realize that a whole part of ourselves has been ignored and  dying inside.

If a part of yourself recognizes itself in these words then I would like to invite you to answer the following questions:

  • What’s s inside me that wants to emerge?
  • What part of me did I ignore for too many years?
  • What would bring me most joy and pleasure in my life?
  • What can I do differently as of next week to start putting all this at the heart of my life?

To stop living half-asleep is a wonderful adventure for a lifetime. It is a path, a perspective we choose and I must forewarn you the path is not always light or easy.

There will be discomfort. You will have to overcome your biggest limitations and beliefs, heal your personal wounds so that little by little you will be able to create a new perception of yourself and life.

As I write this article today, I want to let you know that when we engage on this path it is impossible to escape discomfort. And yet, it is on the other side of this discomfort that you will be able to give birth to the new version of yourself.

I often compare my work as a coach with the work of a midwife. I help my clients give birth to their brilliance and their whole being. I help people break free  from what prevents them to live fully. It is such a wonderful adventure and it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires labor, contractions and lots of deep breathing!

This work, this birthing process and  stepping-out of the comfort zone could take some time depending on the person. Some people will birth the new version of themselves in a few weeks ora few months and others even a few years. During this transformation you will encounter  profound moments of overcoming and joy but also intense moments of doubt and for some anxiety… You will have to overcome your limitations and negative beliefs and you can be certain that life will  challenge you exactly where you need it most to provoke you and put you in situations where you will have no other choice than to choose between giving-up and withdrawing or having the courage to confront what blocks you to finally shine .

Some times you will want to seek refuge once again in your comfort zone and I have no doubt that after a while you will get back in the adventure and you will dare once again to take action. You will have ups and downs, moments when you feel the world is yours and other times when you feel overwhelmed by doubts and ask yourself ” Who am I to dare pretend that I can succeed in my project?”

I’d really like to invite you to not get discouraged and remember that in the end in the scale of  life this discomfort does not last that long and that people who have gone through this before will tell you that the reward is much more precious and worth it.

Be aware that this discomfort cannot be avoided, It is part of the journey. Such as the delivery of a baby , it is a vital step for your birth.  Try it and you’ll see that after giving birth a first time you might want  to do it all over again!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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