“As a Business Coach I am here to tell you that ” There is nothing to “fix” ! You are born great, perfect and all have the capacities right here! Right Now! ”

“Own what is true today by accepting yourself for who you are, accepting responsibility for your life and acknowledging that you are already great! ”

“Let your juice out, turn on the switch on your brilliance that is in you already (no matter what the little voice in your head is telling you!) . Being an entrepreneur is an opportunity, an opportunity to find oneself, an opportunity to grow, to use your talents.

Be aware though that the next step of your activity will most probably involve having to overcome some limited beliefs that you hold about yourself such as: “ I am not capable”, “ I am not good enough”. “ I don’t have what it takes”. “ I am not professional enough” and that in the end do not serve you… Just remember there’s nothing to fix!”

Love & respect,

Christine Lewicki