As I am coaching more and more entrepreneurs, I am really starting to feel and understand better the importance of blogging.

At a recent Social Media event at UCLA last week, the key message that was shared with the audience was: “Content is King”: Position yourself as an authority on whatever area you specialize in” and I have to say I deeply agree.
How can you expect anyone to trust that you know what you are talking about if you are not giving them any way to read or listen to your message?

We are spending so much time with our marketing, to create a buzz or some traffic to our website yet when people finally are interested we are not offering them much to see and feel who we are and how we can help them.

Blogging is an amazing channel for you to share publicly your expertise and your zone of genius.

I understand that many of you probably don’t really know what is YOUR own zone of genius. You probably know your own area of expertise but you are not clear yet on what makes you unique. And that’s probably why you might be resisting blogging.

What I believe is that blogging is actually THE WAY to discover that zone of genius and to share it with others.

Watch this video to find out how: