What reality to you want to create for yourself before the end of the year?  This is a wonderful idea to keep in mind during your time off this summer.  What if  you dared think of yourself  first for a change ?

Summer is the perfect time to consolidate things.

Remember that in life everything is created twice : first,  we create with an IDEA (a vision)   followed up with ACTION. Having lots of ideas is a wonderful thing but  ideas are  useless without action and taking action only to manage the daily routine and emergencies does not allow you to create your life either.

To help you  get started,  I’d like to suggest a few vision and action steps to help you prepare a brilliant back to business:

  • Take the time to sit under a shaded tree with a notepad and a pencil  to set some objectives at the level of your ambition.
  • Send a few emails now to your network to set some appointments to make sure that you’ll be surrounded with the right people to support you and support them.
  • Put in place a daily routine where you play the main role. Stop allowing the daily spiral overwhelm you and make it a priority to create the space to take care of your source.

I also selected for you the top 5 articles filled with my best tips to create a brilliant back to business! 

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#5  – 5 Tips for a Powerful , Pleasant and Peaceful Back to Business

I wish you a brilliant back to business !

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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