THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Transcending Worry ::

Actuality is "what is," in the now.

Possibility is "what could be," in the future.

When you imagine possibilities, wanted or unwanted,
you bring them closer to actuality through the Law
of Attraction.

If you *worry* about the possibility of your teenager
getting in a car accident or your toddler falling
off the slide, you experience it almost as if it
were actual, and you put out a vibe that influences
them toward actualizing those (or similar) unwanted

But when you imagine your teenager getting home
safely or your toddler joyfully mastering the slide,
you attract those desired possibilities instead.

So it's good to shift from worry to a more
positive focus, but the best way to do that is,
paradoxically, to *allow* the worry to be.

When you're willing to be *present* with the
worry -- to *witness* it without judging or
resisting it -- its underlying source begins
to heal.

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