Today I’d like to explore the theme of intuition.  It’s a topic I often refer to in my videos  and which I  practice every day so it develops and grows. Intuition ( and not instinct)  is a source to create another way of thinking and living with new behaviors.  Some of you may tell me that the era we live in today may asphyxiate you rather than stimulate you with the androgen messages we receive from all over the place.

However, paradoxically, many of you in this seeming chaos are awakening to a higher consciousness where intuition plays a big role. This is what I mean.

My intuition

A little voice like an inner compass 

You tried to trust your intuition and it didn’t work? First of all, don’t assume that intuition is accessible to some lucky few and not others. We are all born with this inner compass. Unfortunately, our society rarely encourages us to use it so we have simply forgotten to put it to use. It is most likely a little rusty and perseverance will be the key to reawaken it to experience  an unlimited field of possibilities.

Everything lies in the ability to listen to this little inner voice (and to distinguish it from ego).  At the beginning, it will barely be audible as the chatterbox in our heads is strong. However, little by little with practice it will emerge a little more readily. Rest, physical relaxation, meditation, a walk in nature, art activities  and many other activities  can easily  help tune in to messages  from our intuition ( praying  if you believe is of course another wonderful way).

Personally, I often mention NIA because I receive many intuitive leads while dancing.  By freeing my mind  and my rational way of thinking through  the movement of my body, I have access to another channel ( call it as you like – canal, memories, openings – it doesn’t matter ) which is rich, precious and  filled with powerful intuitive information.

As an example, I came up with the  idea to start the WAKE UP ! seminar while dancing. I remember it was like an urging sensation, an obvious matter a fact idea that gave me intense joy. At this moment, I knew I was on the right track because everything was resonating inside me. I was aligned with my values and felt my truth emerging. I do not doubt the impact that intuition can have on our lives  ( if we dare give it our attention )  and this is the reason  I put it at the heart of all my  programs to allow the participants to experiment,experience and allow their intuition to flourish.

No need to experience a big Life changing trial to tap into it  

Through my coaching practice I get to meet a lot of different people. Among them, many are on the path and feel that it is time to realign their lives with their values that they may have lost sight of  with time and under pressure with their many obligations.

Some are going through  a life change or  a transition following a divorce, an illness, a death or an accident. They feel a type of calling, a need to change perspective. It is as if suffering had opened another door  towards a desire for authenticity and aspirations which remained inaccessible. For these people, intuition becomes a new precious partner to define the path that await them.

Be assured though that you don’t need to go through a big life changing trial to tap into this 6th sense. Life is filled with messages to guide us and your role is to learn to open yourself up to receive them.  Often time it is easier than we think. For instance,  we meet the right person at the right moment, the title of  a book catches our attention, a picture creates a strong impact  and resonates within, our dreams become more and more revealing or still in the silence answers tend to just pop up.  What makes the difference is your engagement to give it attention and importance and not dismiss it.

I invite you to observe the joy you experience during these moments, to feel the flame that lights up at the deepest part of your soul and fills you with a indescribable feeling of joy and wellbeing. It is very fleeting and you will have to be weary and discerning about the signs you notice that are not really signs.  With time, your intuition will sharpen. Intuition is like a muscle  that needs to be trained. This is why I invite you  each morning to affirm your intention and cultivate your receptivity.  Learn to honor what you feel. Dare to follow your intuition and take action aligned with your inner guidance. Start little by little regularly and you will collect proof, beautiful opportunities offered by your intuition.

I often compare mine to a ball of wool.  Receiving a clue is like pulling on the thread and then allowing it to unravel and letting myself  be guided with trust and discernment.

Be aware that if you are expecting something and that no signs appear it may simply  be because it not what you really need now ( even if your mind persists to believe otherwise). Perhaps there is another step for you to experience before?  What if you dare remain open to this possibility?

To conclude, I’d like to tell you that the word ” simplicity” must be at the heart of your approach with intuition. It is important to remember that to avoid getting lost in complexities and confusion.

It’s your turn now to walk as one with your intuition guarding yourself from outside influences that could derail or disorient you.

Dare to believe and trust what will emerge in you and you will be able to resort to this source of higher intelligence as often as you desire.

I wish you a wonderful voyage to the land of intuition.

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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