WAKE UP!, Brilliant Effect Guaranteed

This article courtesy of  Emmanuelle, one of the participants of the November 2014 Wake up session at Blanville in Chartres 

* * *

No, Wake up!  is not the name for another revolutionary product commercial but  rather a seminar dedicated to the Inner Self.  I tested and tasted it like a menu of a high-end restaurant and I am thrilled to share the results of my unusual “sampling”.The third edition of Wake up has just ended and my head and soul still feel the benefits of these 3 days spent in total immersion in the teachings of a very unusual coach, like no other.

WAKE-UP Chartres 1


I am not a fanatic of self-development seminars. As a matter a fact, as far as I can remember I often felt critical of the library shelves overflowing with this ever popular and growing category each year.  Why this narcissistic need for navel gazing? wondered my little inner voice not so inclined to introspection.  The subject of philosophy had more appeal in my eyes as a French native  with a serious education.  Up until the day, I heard  this coach talk about her vocation which led her to write a bestseller based on a very pragmatic and promising approach for self-development and wellbeing.

None the less, my  resistances persisted. Was it really necessary to turn within to give the world the best of me? I seriously still doubted it up until the eve of Wake up!

I arrived on a Wednesday night and landed in a magical place located in the center of Blanville, near Chartres.  Nestled in the country, in the middle of a forest, I had an appointment with the unknown.  Feeling a bit anxious about meeting Christine Lewicki in the flesh as well as  the other participants, apprehension lurked in the shadows and I admit that I was trembling inside.

Most of the people with whom I was going to share this 3 day experience were already there. As soon as I crossed the threshold of the imposing building, a warmth of wellbeing permeated my being. The fireplace was lit and smiles were on all the faces eager to meet and get acquainted with one another.

I recall  with delight this sweet and  promising moment around the hostess, Marine an artist, visibly delighted to share her abode with new people.

I was going to share this first night and the following  two nights with Régine, a NIA dance teacher who had been invited to share with the group Christine’s favorite dance activity. I could have chosen to sleep in a room by myself, but it was tempting to share this unusual experience. What did I have to lose?

From that  first evening, I sensed that the conversations, attitudes and even the words uttered among the participants were different from the ones overheard  in my daily life. They were filled with hope, positivity and the thirst to grow on a path often paved with obstacles, yet still very open to others. What a surprise!  When I feared to land in a place filled with self-absorbed people!



It’s not my intention to describe in detail the well-sought menu concocted with precision by Christine. I choose to share my experience more like dishes savoured on the spot.  I will remember the rich lengthy presentations of an ordinary woman who became {extra}ordinary. I will recall some participants admiring her radiant smile. For me, it is the look in her azure blue eyes that I will never forget, the depth of her soul that leaped across her gaze that I’d already witnessed in certain personalities with natural charisma.

Without restraint or false modesty, Christine shared and delivered in her own unique way all the obstacles and problems she overcame while connecting  emphatically with the audience members who thus easily recognized themselves. A French woman with an American twist, she expressed herself in a direct, modern and innovative fashion and captivated her audience with her natural public speaking skills.

I must admit that her message is refreshing, intelligent and gives wings especially when France is referred to as a country  in crisis,

Intertwined with many examples and personal stories, her talks are punctuated with practical exercises on questions that unravel truth at the deepest level in the participants often camouflaged under fears and strata of all sorts which can in time alienate the one who is disconnected from his or her source.

The word “Source” is a word that Christine often referred to during these three days. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that everything comes from within and from each person’s source.  This is why it’s so important to take care of our source every day to allow what needs to emerge to come to the surface.

NIA dancing is one of a multitude of ways to take care of this source so are nature walks and silence. We explored these three disciplines upon waking or in between workshops. Delicious tasty moments that are best experienced and lived rather than described.



This retreat was a real surprising and nourishing inner journey in many ways. The last day, I never would have imagined to dare open-up to individuals who were perfect strangers only 3 days before.  This is what I witnessed in others and experienced in me as well: a gradual crescendo involvement, a personal and collective unexplainable authenticity, a magical sharing of truth leading each person back to his or her humanity.

When it was time to leave the group, it felt like I was leaving dear old friends with whom I had shared a common bond that no one could ever take away: a story, a human condition imprinted with a strong desire to grow and to rise with more joy and love.

In my eyes, this is the Wake up effect.  It is a feeling of waking up to life, a reconnection with my true  identity and with others. Personally, I  know now  how to find and connect with my source.  Thanks to Christine showing  us the way, I have also discovered what my life mission is.  A priceless gift!

I wish with all my heart that you will also taste all the savory, sweet, spicy flavors of each of these dishes truly worthy of a 5- star chef.

Emmanuelle Jappert