Watch Out What You Wish For…

//Watch Out What You Wish For…

Watch out what you wish for…

I vividly remember how two short years ago I raised my champagne glass to toast the New Year and told my family “ This year I am going to write a book!” After long hours of trying to write a book that would afterall not be published because it was not destined for me, a lengthy book proposal course, quite a few dead-ends and detours and many surprises….the book that I am publishing this April 2011 has nothing to do with the one I started in 2009! (It is in French and not in English as I had previously imagined it and the subject mater is totally unexpected and yet so very perfect I wonder why I had not thought of it before!) I didn’t even have to write any book proposal! The editor found me!
Watch out what you wish for…

Last summer a friend of mine gave me the bestseller “God Always Travels Incognito” by Laurent Gounelle. I devoured the book from cover to cover while soaking in some sun on the beach of Ile de Re, a small island on the French Atlantic Coast. I felt mesmerized by the author’s style and this powerful way to transmit a message of coaching through a novel. As I was discovering this author I had the sudden thought from the bottom of my heart that one day I would meet him. I felt a powerful connection and yet had no clue how to get in touch with him. I don’t remember sharing this wish with anyone …and yet last December the Director of The Eyrolles Publishing Collection suggested that we ask  Laurent Gounelle to write the preface of my book! Flabbergasted and in shock that my secret wish was being served to me on platter, I agreed without hesitation! Later, I found out that it was a done deal and that the author had heard about my Stop Complaining Challenge Project. You can now find an English version of this projet HERE. As I read the preface, tears rolled down my cheeks… Laurent Gounelle has really understood my project and gives me the best present ever by introducing my work to my future readers…here’s a sneak peak of J’Arrete de Raler Book Cover

Watch out what you wish for….

After these wonderful experiences I started to experiment for fun… The following December 31rst, 2010 I raised my champagne glass and said “ This year I will be on T.V so the message in my book reaches all French people!” Later I headed out to find the perfect dress to wear on TV without any doubt that my wish would come true once again! I was barely surprised when the marketing representative at Eyrolles Publishing announced that TéléMatin a French Version of Good Morning America wanted an interview during my visit to Paris in a few weeks!

Watch out what you wish for….

Last Saturday I spent the evening with all my French friends to celebrate the US citizenship of our two hosts. We were also toasting my next TV appearance on a popular French TV station and I confided to my two friends that “My dream is to also appear on Canal Plus!” For me this is “the SMART & FUN station? (equivalent of HBO in the US). For the last few weeks I decided that this would be the perfect medium for me to share my message with their audience. You won’t believe it…but as soon as I had uttered my wish my two friends said in unison “The West Coast Manager of Canal Plus is standing right behind you! Come on we’ll introduce you!” Funny, isn’t it? We exchanged e-mails and I will send him the press release but I wouldn’t be surprised that this wish comes true too!

Watch out what you wish for…

What about you? Have you ever had an idea take a hold of you, a desire so strong …you don’t quite know why and how…and at times you even choose to ignore it and dismiss it as impossible or as too pretentious? What is your idea, your dream, your wish? If you had no doubt whatsoever that it could come true what would you wish for? And what if you dared affirm it now, speak and say it out loud even though you have no idea how to make it happen…

Watch out what you wish for …you never know what life will bring!

To Your Wishes and Make it Happen,

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