Vocation is a big word. We hear about the spiritual vocations but rarely about professional vocations. I truly believe that we all have a vocation. We are here to contribute to the world with our special talents and when we are doing so we realize how much fulfillment we can create in our life.

W hen I talk to my client, I am amazed because deep inside themselves they all have a strong desire to contribute to the world and I encourage them to use the best talents they have to do so.

We all have unique skills and talents that we want to share but so many time we have a huge amount of untapped potential. We are stuck in a job that is not using our full potential. I am NOT talking about having more responsibilities in a job and climbing the corporate ladder… I am talking about expressing our vocation through our job, I am talking about using our talents and growing. When we are connected with the uniqueness of who we are and we find a way to use it in the world , we see ourselves grow beyond what we thought could be possible.