Welcome to the New Year;
it seems like everyone is diligently making resolutions and setting new goals. Just Google “make it happen” and you’ll find 45,200,000 results! Talk about pressure! To make matters worse, I live in LA surrounded by the glamorous “Hollywood Life” of wealthy, achieved and famous persons. A little voice in my head begins to make the inevitable comparisons: “And you can’t even figure out how to become a famous Life and Business Coach! You are nothing!”

I started the New Year ready to “make it happen”. If you are ambitious like me you are probably always looking for opportunities to reach the next level in your career and personal life. Life however does not always cooperate with our plans. In January my business was slow. Due to the general economic downturn, I lost two of my solid clients who could no longer afford my services anymore. Did I take these developments in stride and move forward? No! My ego, confidence and energy went right down the drain. I felt that I was loosing the very foundations of my Entrepreneurial Edifice! Pfffff!

I needed to take my own advice and give myself some space to look realistically at my real foundations. I needed to revisit my Vision my coaching practice, and my life. Giving my self the permission and time to observe and think felt so good, and had wonderful results.

For an entire week I took excellent care of my current clients but I didn’t pressure myself to make changes. I stopped all proactive marketing for the week. I went to yoga, and read a book at my favorite cafe on the pier at Hermosa Beach. I let my mind wonder where it wanted to go. This gift of time and space allowed me to reframe a disheartening situation into an ideal circumstance.

For the past two years I’ve wanted to write a book on the Power of Celebration, but hadn’t done a single concrete thing about reaching this dream. I now realized I could use the slow beginning of the year to finally take the plunge, build up momentum, and take action about something truly meaningful to me. As a first step I enrolled in an 8 week professional class, How to Write a Book Proposal. I love the class and now feel I can officially call myself a writer!

Taking action towards fulfilling my vision was scary. Many time I went to bed really wondering if I could do really pull off writing the book. However, another part of me feels that the message that I am sharing in this book is bigger than me. It’s part of my path to share it. I find the best way for me to work on this meaningful project is to go one step at a time. Once I see the project broken down into manageable, enjoyable bites, I am no longer overwhelmed.

I would love to hear from you about the meaningful projects you are dreaming about for your career and life.

Love and Respect,