Doing nothing

“I take action to match my ambition, one {im}perfect action at a time!” is one of the fundamental principle that I ‘ve applied myself these last few years to stop living my life half asleep!

This principle is part of the 4 principles that I share with the participants of my 3 days seminar Wake-Up!  coming up in France this April and in Ojai, California in January 2015!

How many times have your found yourself with big ideas in your head and in your heart and yet found yourself spinning your wheels in reality?

How many time did you find yourself lost and frozen because you feared the judgement of others, what  they will think or say of you.  You were afraid not to be up to the task, afraid to not succeed and of course afraid to fail. So in the end , sometimes it’s easier to not do anything! Then  hear yourself saying:” Oh well ,it didn’t work out” or ” Maybe it was not meant to be

Fear paralyses us! Fear forces us to stay in our mediocrity instead of tapping into our brilliance.

Si I would like to invite you to remember that real fear is the one that comes from real danger! Real fear is being chased by a pack of wild wolves while our brain sends  a message to our legs to run for our life!

So why do we often feel such fear when in reality we are not really facing any danger? What if this fear was a creation of our brain rather than signaling real danger?

What if we stopped allowing our fears to dominate our lives? What if we dared overcome our fears to reveal the newer version of ourselves? Let’s “feel the fear and do it anyway!

When you are living the epic adventure of taking {im}perfect actions  matching your ambition, this is the phase when you find yourself  on the playground of life trying to go forward .

Know that sometimes,  you are on this playground doing your best yet you may have not  harvested the fruits of your own  efforts  (or at least not in your eyes).  That is when you might become impatient, when you become filled with haunting doubts.  I want to let you know that this is NORMAL! This is just a natural phase of personal growth so please do not let it stop you, stay engaged, forge ahead and overcome it!  In those moments you are probably closer to success than you think!

I Take {Im}perfect action at a time 2

If what you want to accomplish means a lot to you , if you know that you are on the right track , if you know that your daring actions  will birth a newer version of yourself and a bigger meaning for your life… then I’d really like to encourage you to dare go beyond your ego- based fears and forge ahead   consistently, step-by-step ,one {im}perfect action at a time!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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