You can call this what you want: Luck, the Law of Attraction … I call it THE BEAUTY OF LIFE !

Now let me tell you the story that I feel compelled to share with you.

Since 2003, I have spending a lot of time in my daughters Preschool. Manhattan Beach Nursery School .

It is a co-op preschool that immerse you and your kids in Humanistic Education. That school CHANGED MY LIFE as a woman and as a mother. I have learned a new and powerful way to connect with myself and with my kids. It is a real blessing.

The success of that experience is that it is a co-op and as a parent , I had to commit to spend 3 hours a week working in the school. It was the best way for me to be immersed in Humanistic Education, Communication and ways to relate with the kids ( the others kids and my own).

After almost 5 years around the school and working there once a week, last Monday I deeply felt in my Heart that I was ready for the next step. I felt that I was not where I should be anymore. And I looked at my daughter who is 5 ( a late birthday who missed to cut off date for kinder) and felt that she was also kind a waiting for something different .

We are in February and I knew I had to wait until the end of the school year for that next phase to happen.

I got home and shared with my Husband my deep feeling that I was done with that phase in my life and that I was really ready to move on.
NOW READ THIS : Within less than an hour after I got home, I receive a call from The Waldorf informed Charter school where my oldest is going and they tell me that there is an opening in their two years kindergarten program and that now that my daughter is 5 she is eligible to join the class . They asked me if I wanted to be part of the lottery that they organized for the next day to fill the open spot.

SURE I SAID !… I was exited and nervous. It was so Weird because the chance of an opening were very very small and it came the exact day that I felt READY.

For the next 24 hours I really did my best to stay in tune with my self and be present to the moment. I ALWAYS stayed very open to ANY OUTCOME, knowing that the Universe would give me what I need and that if my daughter didn’t get the spot than it meant that we still had something to learn from the Preschool.

I AM SURE YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NOW…….. the next day, I received a phone call and My daughter’s name was pick out during the lottery and she has the spot.

She is starting on Monday. I met with her teacher ( who by the way is the one I wanted to request for September !!) and she is amazing. I feel deeply connected to her and she even asked me on that first day to share with her my knowledge regarding Humanistic Education. ( WHAT A DREAM !)