Your Expertise is Not Enough to  get more clients!

You need to learn to “Sell” yourself!

I remember pretty early on when I got started as a Coach, I believed in my expertise and thought all I needed was people who would give me a chance to help them. Yet every time I was telling people that I was a Coach, I could see the glaze on their face. I heard so many people say, “Good for you, I am sure you are awesome, I’ll think about it.” Or “It’s really interesting, but I can’t really hire you right now.” Or “I know it would help me, but I just can’t.”

I was a good Coach. I knew my stuff. I had something to share that would truly impact people’s lives. YET nobody wanted it! OR some people wanted it but money was in the way.

I started dreading going to networking events because I would come home so disappointed that I did not get any new clients.

After much struggle (years, actually), things started to change for me.

I went from making $300 a month to making $3000 to $5000, depending on each month. I went from having 2 to 3 clients a month (and sometimes none) to having people book sessions with me in my sleep.

So what is it that I did to create this change???

I claimed my Expertise and I SOLD!!!

I know you might be thinking: “But I hate being ‘salesy’. I don’t want to do that.” I know, I thought that too. I truly thought I hated marketing. It made me feel icky. But with the help of some business mentors, I realized that marketing is SUPER, SUPER important. I am happy to tell you that today marketing is one of my favorite part of running my business!

You might be thinking: “But I am not very good at marketing and sales.” I want to tell you that once you accept that SELLING is going to be a key to your success and your ability to make a difference in people’s lives, then you can learn it and will WANT to learn it.

You might be thinking: “What I do is heart-centered, and being ‘salesy’ doesn’t go with that.”

Chances are that if you are an entrepreneur who is running a heart-centered business, you want to use your expertise to change the world in some way. I have to tell you that if you truly believe that you can impact people’s lives, then you need to SELL. In the end if you don’t know how to sell and close the deal, then you are not touching your clients and you are not making the difference you are meant to make in this world. (Not to mention that you’ll also be broke and you might have to go get a job that will take you away from your purpose.)

You need to get paid for your business otherwise you’ll have to deal with and get another job.

There are some key principles to help you sell your services that I want to share with you. These principles have made a HUGE impact on my business.

Key Principles to Help You Sell Your Services:

  • Keep in mind: People are not investing on you. They are investing in themselves “through” you.


  • Offer your service only if you truly feel that you can help someone and if you are thrilled to do it. (I have had sessions where I did not make an offer for my services because I felt that we weren’t a match.


  • People won’t buy from you if they don’t SEE EXACTLY where they are right now and how painful it is for them AND if you don’t paint with them a very precise picture of what’s possible for them.


  • When you make your offer, make it irresistible. Not just flat. Craft your offer so that it can truly answer your clients deepest needs.


  • Don’t try to sell your service at a networking event. Please don’t. I hate it when people do that. Don’t you? Use networking events to build relationships. Once you gain their interest and find out their needs and how you can solve them, then you can sell to them over the phone or in a one-on-one meeting.

Today when I have a selling conversation, I feel that I am already impacting the person’s life. I help them see where they are, where they want to be, and help them see what’s in the way. My business has TRIPLED as a result of accepting that SELLING is a key to my success and making a difference in people’s lives. This can be the same for you, too!

Love & Respect,

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