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Christine has been a guest-speaker on TV and Radio Shows as well as on stage in France and the US.

Christine Lewicki is a Certified Coach (PCC) and bestselling author (more than 300 000 books sold). She is also a recognized sought-after speaker who loves to express herself with her heart and guts.

Clear, sharp and vibrant, Christine is able to captivate her audience by weaving humorous real life stories into her content rich presentations.  She thrives at inspiring everyone to get out of victim mode and share their best self with the world.

Christine is used to speak in front of rooms ranging between 10 to 2,000 participants. She can connect with your audience on stage as well as online via a web conference platform.

Most Requested Conference Topics

I Quit Complaining!

Want your team to seek out solutions rather than point fingers ?

Christine will share her personal story when she decided to embark on a journey to quit complaining for 21 consecutive days. What is the hidden meaning behind our complaining and most important: how to quit! Alternating speaking, interaction with the audience and sharing among the participants, Christine allows each person the opportunity to experiment what could become possible if they could live a complaint-free life !

Dare to be Brilliant: What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Deep in your heart you know your life could be more vibrant and rich. You know you are destined for more than what you are living. You’d like to dare be brilliant but you don’t know how to overcome your doubts and limitations.

This conference will empower your audience to reveal their best self at work and with the world. Participants will understand how important it is for them to own their strengths and talents and activate them in their  career.

WAKE UP! – 4 Fundamental Principles to Stop Living Your Life Half-Asleep

Do you want your team to feel fully responsible for their life and success?
This conference will give the participants some very practical and profound tools to help them become entrepreneurs of their lives. With plenty of real life examples, Christine will share with the audience some of the best tools and tips that she’s been using at the center of her coaching practice. Participants will be left profoundly inspired and AWAKE!

What her audience is saying

“When I saw Christine on stage I was literally blown away. Her natural attitude, her energy. How accessible and authentic she was, while conveying a strong, clear and sharp message. Her talk is touching and highly inspiring for anyone who wants to progress on the path of their personal legend.” – Laurent Ternois, Conference organizer for MAIF Insurance

“Thank you for delivering a really great, content rich, value packed talk to the International Coaching Federation, Los Angeles. Your natural, authentic, interactive presentation was easy to follow and fun to participate in. Our members got a great opportunity to answer some simple questions to give them clear direction for speeding up their businesses and getting better results faster.”Carrie Kish, President of the International Coaching Federation in Los Angeles

“Simple principles to regain the spirit of living life to its fullest… what a joy to witness and celebrate the anglo-saxon pragmatism combined with the French finesse. – Jérôme, Program Management Director

“Arrived with a lot of skepticism, I leave transformed, confident and with a new positive vision of my life.” – Audrey, Agro-alimentary industry

“Sharp and to the point, Christine is boosting your motivation, she helps you connect with your own real desire while staying down to earth and determined.” – Sonia Chapeau, Entrepreneur

“Very inspiring! Christine Lewicki is a truly empathetic individual with a lot to teach people.”Ebby Benelyahu, Business Coach & Real Estate Developer

“Christine, thank you for speaking tonight. To my surprise, you touched parts of me that I was unaware needed to be touched.” – Susan Kaufer, Photographer.

“A big thank you for these pearls of happiness and this brilliance you radiate and which you pass along. I feel boosted, confident and ready to honor my life.” – Catherine, Logistics Manager

“Thank you Christine for your light, brilliance and beautiful humility. – Celine Cochin, Entrepreneur

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Speaking  & Conference Options

Conference Options

  • Formal Speaking Engagement: 90 minutes
  • Conference + Workshop: 2 to 3 hours
  • Full Day Training Workshop

Required Material

For a smooth conference, the following equipment is required:

  •       Video projector with remote display
  •       1 headset (or HF).
  •       1 wireless microphone for the room.

Availability & Bookings

If you want to check availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding further, please contact me by email at contact@christinelewicki.com or by completing the form below

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