Are you sometimes dissatisfied with your life?

Not enough money, unfulfilling job, meandering relationship. Perhaps you spend too much time online… From time to time we all feel like something is missing… and sometimes all we need is a little perspective.

The message to Life this young woman wrote shakes me to my core! It has resonated with me ever since I read it and I want to pay tribute to Holly by sharing it with you.

Holly Butcher recently passed away from cancer at the tender age of 27.

The letter she posted on Facebook before she died is a beautiful ode to life and a message of incredible accuracy!

Here are three passages that resonate particularly with the message I carry and share in the I Quit Complaining Challenge!

  • Those times you are whinging about ridiculous things (something I have noticed so much these past few months), just think about someone who is really facing a problem. Be grateful for your minor issue and get over it. It’s okay to acknowledge that something is annoying but try not to carry on about it and negatively effect other people’s days.
  • Remember there are more aspects to good health than the physical body.. work just as hard on finding your mental, emotional and spiritual happiness too. That way you might realise just how insignificant and unimportant having this stupidly portrayed perfect social media body really is.. While on this topic, delete any account that pops up on your news feeds that gives you any sense of feeling shit about yourself. Friend or not.. Be ruthless for your own well-being.
  • Be grateful for each day you don’t have pain and even the days where you are unwell with man flu, a sore back or a sprained ankle, accept it is shit but be thankful it isn’t life threatening and will go away.

Click here to read the full message Holly posted on her Facebook page

If her letter to Life moves and inspires you, I would be happy to read YOUR message in the comment section below.

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