Meet Amanda, such an inspiring and generous Soul!

Amanda lived under a bridge at the time this video was taken by a homeless advocate.

She was going through an extremely challenging time! Yet she was able to keep her heart open and nurture a strong positive attitude while showing us in the purest authenticity what homelessness looks like.

Listen to the words of comfort she offers to others in similar predicaments:

GET UP, SHOW UP and TRY is her mantra.

Thousands of people moved by this video joined in helping Amanda in her quest to end Homelessness.

She raised 20K on Go Fund Me and she was able to get an apartment!

In the video below, she shows us her home and goes out shopping for furniture. As she picks companies who have CSR (corporarate social responsabilities), she tells us: “It’s important, this matters, everything we do matters”.

Amanda (now Manda) has become an advocate for the homeless population.

February 2020, she writes  on her Go Fund me page:

After our experience of being Unhoused, Rowan (her dog) and I are ready for a vehicle. With the amount and nature of the work I do (outreach, advocacy, and projects related to the Unhoused population), it has come to the point where to be able to continue growth, a vehicle is necessary. The fees for car share services and Uber are excessive. The funds collected will be used towards a reliable used vehicle, insurance, taxes, tabs, and garage rental. Your help with this will expand BEING’s reach and help Rowan and I be able to have some freedom to do self care things like hiking. I will be able to offer support to our rural areas, where transit is not available. Thank you for your continued love and support ❤️

You can help Manda on her Go fund me page, and you can follow her on Facebook.

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