Creating a Business with a Higher Purpose

Do you know why you are running your business?

Aside from making money and having certain freedoms that come with being an entrepreneur, why are you really running your business?

When I work with entrepreneurs, many times they come to me and ask me what they should do. They say: I have been told I need to write a newsletter; I need a blog; I need to be on Facebook …. What should I do?

The first thing that I tell them is: “Don’t do anything!!! STOP!!!”

The reason I tell them this is because as an entrepreneur, you can really lose yourself and waste a lot of energy and time with all of this if you are not CLEAR on your Mission (some might call it your Higher Purpose).

I see too many entrepreneurs jumping in the business world and missing this very important step. If you are not clear on your Mission, then you can’t create a Strategy for your business.

The Mission is the beginning of everything. It’s what makes you tick. It’s what gets you excited. Only when you are clear about it and have the exact words to describe it, then you can decide on the best strategies for you to use to spread your work and share your gifts. When I work more closely with people, we get to dig pretty deep on that.

For example, my Higher Purpose is to help people be happy with their work. It’s a purpose that came to me when I was 16! I truly value work and it makes me very sad when I see people waking up on Monday waiting for Friday. I get upset when I see people who are disappointed by their work or business results. I can’t stand the idea of people feeling diminished and full of self-doubt regarding their work.
I actually deeply believe that work is the best playground to experience that fulfillment that everyone is seeking on this planet. So my Mission is to help people awaken their professional brilliance no matter what! And it happens that I am blessed with a very sharp and simple{business brain} to use and share with my clients. Everything that I do in my business is linked to that Mission. I use it as a filter to make decisions regarding all the opportunities that I encounter.

So ask yourself right now: What am I passionate about? What is the problem that is driving me nuts? What are the gifts that I am here to share? Why am I really running my business?

Check in with yourself — in your bones — and see if you are truly ALIVE when you talk about this. If you don’t feel alive, then you aren’t yet connected to your Higher Purpose. Keep asking yourself the questions until you feel yourself getting energized by your answers. When you start feeling ALIVE, you are on the right track.

Once you are clear on your Mission and the blessings that you have to offer, then you can finally take a look at what is the best way to spread the word about what you have to offer.

Give it a try!

Love & Respect,

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