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Get Up, Show Up and Try!

23 March 2020|

Meet Amanda, such an inspiring and generous Soul! Amanda lived under a bridge at the time this video was taken by a homeless advocate. She was going through an extremely challenging time! Yet she [...]

Wishes out of the ordinary!

22 January 2020|

2020 is here, and for this new decade, I want to send you: I don't want to wish you Courage! I want you to feel your intuition and have the audacity to believe that what [...]

A message to Life!

15 November 2019|

Are you sometimes dissatisfied with your life? Not enough money, unfulfilling job, meandering relationship. Perhaps you spend too much time online... From time to time we all feel like something is missing... and sometimes [...]

Failure is a powerful teacher!

13 August 2019|

Even-though J.K. Rowling spoke those words almost 10 years ago at Harvard's commencement, I want to share them with you today because they touch me deeply and I think you might appreciate them as [...]

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