Those of you who follow me know that my two favorite themes are learning to not be a victim of everyday life and daring to take risks.

Today I am sharing with you a delicious, concrete and powerful tool that has the potential to transform your life – the gratitude list.

What you need:

A pencil or pen and something to write on. You will place them close to your bed or on your desk.


Every night before you sleep, write down everything that was positive in your day. Regardless of the trials you were faced with in that day, write a list of things, people and events that brought you well-being and made you feel grateful.

The point is not to write a novel!

In the beginning, especially when we are confronted with a particularly trying day, it may seem impossibleSo we delve a little deeper and we write things that we tend to consider “a given,” such as,

-I am healthy -I have enough to eat -I have a comfortable bed -I have a job…

The following day may be a very good day and you’ll find plenty of other things to write, such as,

-My colleagues and I had a very nice lunch -My daughter scored 10 out of 10 in math -I love my yoga class -My sister visited me -It was sunny all day…

By practicing this little exercise every day, you will find that you’ll discover more and more ‘little things’ for which you are grateful that you were not necessarily conscious of!

-The cat is purring -My neighbor smiled at me -There was no traffic on the freeway -I heard an interesting interview on the radio…

In short, all those little details that give flavor to our daily lives and which, once finally recognized and appreciated, help us little by little to build a whole new perspective on life. Your gratitude list will help shine a light on the ‘beautiful and the good’ around you.

It will help you to appreciate and therefore cultivate the abundance and brilliance of your life!

Cultivating gratitude is worth it!* Try it!

I would be thrilled to read your testimonials in the commentary section of this article.

*Neuroscience proves it; I recommend this article based on research conducted at the University of Berkeley in California “expanding the science and practice of gratitude”

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