I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Paula Veil for her show “Choices, Finding your joy” on KKNW radio.

The mission of her program is to spread positive energy, information, and inspiration through education and entertainment. Paula believes that the more informed her viewers are about how to replenish their own emotions, body, and souls; the more they are able to make choices that spread authentic awareness, truth, love, and joy, to themselves and to others.

Her mission is perfectly aligned with mine!

In the interview, we discuss my new book “I quit complaining – 21 days to reconnect to the bliss of your ordinary life”. Paula asks me why I wrote the book and she invites me to share my own journey with the “I quit complaining challenge”, and how it transformed my life.

We also address the deep reasons that lie under the habit of complaining, what we can do about it, and the powerful life changes that happen when we get rid of it!

Watch our exchange below:

How do you find your joy today?

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