A few days ago I had the privilege to speak in front of a room full of students at Culver City High School.

75 (mostly) seniors signed up for the event organized by the CCHS Girls Build team (check them out they are so cool !).

This year Girls Build CCHS decided to offer their peers a series of program and workshops around Adulting. They learned about managing money, dealing with stress, cooking…. and they invited me to come in as a certified coach and bestselling author to share with them some life lessons.  My talk was titled ” life lessons that people learn at 40 that they wish they had learned at 17″.

In a previous article, I share the 1st video: WHAT DO WE ALL WANT IN LIFE

Here is the second sneak peek video: “THE 1st LESSON YOU NEED TO LEARN ON YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH JOURNEY”:

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