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Today I celebrate with you the 2nd edition of  the seminar Wake Up  which I offer today on two continents ( France and USA), the launch of my brand new book WAKE UP! as well as  the launch of  J’arrête de râler!” aka “I Quit Complaining and {Bitching}!” in paperback with Pocket edition!

Sometimes I can’t believe it myself ! When only a few years ago, I found myself “spinning my wheels” to find my place and launch my business, doubting  myself and the value I had to contribute, feeling lost and inclined to compare myself and feeling belittled by the gaze of my colleagues and competitors.

Sometimes, I ask myself this question: “ What if I had not dare listen to my inspiration and intuition?” None of what I am living today would have been possible!

To reach the point I am at today, I had to overcome my terror of taking my place and dare share my message in MY OWN WAY without  letting myself get intimidated  by  the  fear of being judged by my pairs, without trying to fit into a mold, without trying to be perfect, and thanks to that I discovered that I could contribute to a level that I never would have ever imagined!

My “little chatterbox voice”, the voice of judgement kept whispering to me but I made the conscious choice to listen to my “higher voice”, the voice of my heart and soul. To allow this to happen, I committed to the weekly discipline to make room and create an empty space in my busy agenda to have a meeting with myself and my inner self. I withdrew from the daily spiral and created space to hear the ’inaudible and see the invisible.” Then, it was through the power of discipline that I dared take actions at the level of my inspiration, face and overcome my doubts by my actions.

During those sacred personal moments, I allowed myself to tune-inwards and listen to the messages of my inspiration and intuition. “My inspiration and my intuition deserve all my attention” is actually one of the 12 Affirmations for ordinary people to create an {extra}ordinary life!

In WAKE -UP!, I share my journey with you and most of all I introduce you to the 4 fundamental principles that I practice and which are at the core and heart of my life. I warn you, this book is still {im}perfect. I present it to you humbly today and hope you will soon get to read it and have as much pleasure as I had writing it. Here’s a preview of the cover:






Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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“Christine Lewicki is a Certified Business Coach, Speaker,Trainer, Bestselling Author and MasterMind Group Leader. Her passion is to help ordinary people create an {extra}ordinary Life, one {im}perfect action at a time, she is also committed to help people quit complaining and become entrepreneurs of their lives. You can download your FREE ”I Quit Complaining Starter Kit” on her blog

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