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Brilliance and Business Breakthrough Summit

BRILLIANCE & BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH  SUMMIT  September 14 - 18 , 2015 Are you working really hard to create a business of your dreams?  One that supports you financially AND in the difference you want to make in the world?  REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT HERE  I am thrilled to participate in this event hosted by Mellissa Rempfer, [...]

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Join the “I Quit Complaining Challenge”!

 Imagine how your life  would look like if you could quit complaining ? Have you ever wondered how much it is costing you to complain? Do you realize that every day you can choose to refuse to be a victim of anything and anyone? I would like to invite you to embark with us on [...]

Your television can be an excellent servant, but it’s a terrible master.

“Your television set can make you rich or poor. If you watch it all the time, it will make you poor. Psychologists have shown that the more television you watch, the lower are your levels of energy and self-esteem. At an unconscious level, you don’t like or respect yourself as much if you sit there [...]

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Dreams and Reality

I am delighted to share with you today my daughter Anna's writting (age 14) . I thought it would fit perfectly on this blog. I hope you like it. Have you ever heard the quote:" Maybe one day we'll find the place where dreams and reality collide."? I believe that dreams and reality aren't just [...]

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Be engaged, not attached!

~ Simply saying you desire to be successful is the easy part. The challenging element is to totally engage yourself towards excellence.~       Unknown What does the word engage really mean ? en-ga-ged :  com·mit·ted  kəˈmidəd/  adjective - feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job; wholeheartedly dedicated. In the last October [...]

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Living a few inches away from my body

Last month I had the great joy to work and coach 15 participants who attended my Wake-Up!  seminar retreat in Ojai, California. Some came from far away ( France, Belgium, Tahiti) and others are local members of the French expat community in the United States. Take a look at the pictures and videos HERE.  As [...]

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