Even-though J.K. Rowling spoke those words almost 10 years ago at Harvard’s commencement, I want to share them with you today because they touch me deeply and I think you might appreciate them as much as I did.

I love how she talks about failure!

We tend to see failure as the end of everything, but she invites us to see it as a foundation to rebuild our lives. She explains how profound failure may help us discover who we are, what our strengths are.

In her case, she had to hit rock bottom to be able to find out how determined she was to succeed in the one arena she believed she truly belonged. Instead of feeling like the victim of our own failures, she invites us to see them as a powerful teacher. She even invites us to see the freedom that lives inside failure. Her words made me wonder: what if we realized that failure could give us access to the most profound inner security? Would we continue to live our lives in fear? What would become possible for me? for you? for us?

What if we understood that we need to take responsibility for our lives? That we can’t blame our parents anymore!

Life is complex and difficult and yet, it is when we raise our consciousness from a state of victimhood that we can access the power that resides within us!

It is this shift in attitude that completely changed my life and that I am compelled to share with my books, seminars and the I QUIT COMPLAINING challenge!

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